About Us

Created in 2009, the High Speed Rail USA brand has reached thousands of followers and has become an important voice in the national discussion on how to motivate Americans to support the development of renewable train travel.


We attend conferences, ride high-speed trains, speak with experts, as well as regularly review reputable international news and trusted organization’s standards and policies to stay grounded in the reality of industry best practices around the world.

Pragmatic vision

Based on this long-term and daily research practices, we rigorously apply our concepts to the realities of the American landscape and find the sweet spot of practical viability for our plans.


We look for new communication tools to discuss and collaborate our ideas and plans with other like-minded organizations, individuals, and industry professionals. Our founder’s degrees are in Architecture and Interactive Telecommunication, and we are excited by the innovations in renewable energy generation and storage that can power more high-speed rail development.


Our founder, Tana Green, is always interested in talking with others about what can be done. She has met with policy makers, industry professionals, and passionate advocates and is always eager to listen, respond, and find common ground and consider paths forward.

Policy to develop
more markets
for a travel agency

Let’s be frank. Our goal is to create more low-carbon travel markets for our company, Blur Rail, Inc. This is a long-term goal, and has many societal benefits outside of our business plan. The High Speed Rail USA brand exists to further the business interests of a global low-carbon online travel agency.


Our Mission & Vision

Low-carbon travel

We’re passionate about creating more low-carbon travel experiences.

Inspire state-wide action and development

Our maps are designed to inspire other concerned citizens to organize and act on plans for new reliable passenger rail service to connect two to three major cities in each state.

Focused on state HSR programs

Too often, grand multi-state corridors are proposed in our short national news cycle, and it isn’t helpful or realistic that the federal government can actually finance and support massive interstate regional rail corridors. The federal government is more successful supporting state programs, and while California is significantly more organized, we want to support other states to organize around a practical plan to develop within state borders.

A national network, eventually

If we Renovate Our Interstates with elevated viaducts of high-speed rail, eventually all of these state corridors can connect regional, and finally, as a national network.

Partner with us

Partner with us

Want to participate in a collaboration of marketing, advocacy, outreach, or other innovative ways to generate excitement and interest in state high-speed rail programs? Contact us by email, or engage with us on our social media channels.