Lahontan Trout, the state fish of Nevada

High-speed rail in Nevada: The Lahontan Trout Constellation

Reno to Carson City in less than 15 minutes! Demand federal funds in ’21 and ride in ‘29!

The Lahontan Trout Constellation is comprised of two parts. The southern constellation is an already financed interstate line between Las Vegas and the Victor Valley region of California. A bond of $3.25 billion was approved by the Golden State in late October 2019. Virgin Trains USA will build 135 miles of rail in California, and 35 miles within Nevada. Learn more about this southern corridor here.

The Northern trout constellation connects the state capital, Carson City, with the largest northern Nevadan city, Reno. Once this initial line is complete, it will give residents and state officials in Carson City rail access to Reno and Amtrak’s California Zephyr line connecting to California and Utah. Eventually, Nevada could extend this line to Sparks, Fernley, and beyond! This plan provides four primary urban areas in the state to connect, improve real estate values, incentivize construction in smaller cities, and extends passenger to the state capitol. Imagine what you could do when traveling the 32 miles from Reno to Carson City by train in about 15 minutes!

Consider the possibilities for business or recreational, comfortable, low-carbon travel from Las Vegas to southern California, and from Reno to Carson City. This could help candidates reach more Nevadans in the future, and also something they should support for clean-tech jobs in construction and maintenance, and to support a clean-tech economy for the new decade and beyond. From snow-capped mountains, to arid plains, and to twinkling jewels of cities, the Lahontan Trout Constellation will connect Nevadans with rail in the Silver State and beyond like never before.

It will reduce carbon emissions from car and bus travel, which is good for the planet, and help Nevadans be more connected with contacts, family and friends in nearby cities, as well as two neighboring states.

The initial phase of 32 miles from Reno to Carson City would cost around $4.3 billion and could initiate $38 billion in economic benefits to the state. Travelers can transfer to the existing Amtrak line at Reno for connections to California and Utah. Once California completes its high-speed rail program, Nevadans can have access to passenger rail from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Reno, unlocking multiple corridors of regional travel possibilities.

Would you ask your elected officials and candidates to support this plan?

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