The Right Whale, state marine mammal of Massachusetts

High-speed rail in Massachusetts: The Right Whale Constellation

Boston to Springfield in about half an hour!
Request Federal funds in ’21 and ride in ’29!

The Right Whale Constellation connects the Bay state from the Atlantic coast to the Berkshire mountains. The initial line connects the state capital, Springfield with New England’s largest city, Boston.

Boston is a economic powerhouse for the region, with leading universities nurturing tech companies, and Acela trains connecting it with New York and DC. The suburbs of Boston sprawl radially supported by the MBTA. However, central and Western Massachusetts are not as economically active as Eastern Massachusetts. I propose that Massachusetts focus on studying, funding, and building a dedicated ultra high-speed rail line from Boston to Springfield immediately. Once this line is successfully creating opportunities in Springfield, then state leadership can extend the line to Pittsfield. I call the Massachusetts constellation “the Right Whale” constellation after the state’s official marine mammal.

This plan provides three primary urban areas in the state to connect, improve real estate values, incentivize construction in developing cities, and connects three Amtrak lines within the state, as well as improving an existing corridor. Imagine what you could do when traveling the 90 miles from Boston to Springfield by train in about half of an hour!

Consider the possibilities for tourism, business, or recreational, comfortable, low-carbon travel from Boston to Springfield, and eventually to Pittsfield. This could help statehouse candidates and officials reach more Massachusetts in the future, and provide greater access to state representatives from both Eastern and Western Massachusetts. Eventually, the Amtrak corridor from Springfield to Hartford, CT could be upgraded to It is also something Massachusetts should support for clean-tech jobs in construction and maintenance, and to support a clean-tech economy for the new decade and beyond. From rolling hills to historic Boston, and twinkling gems of cities, the Right Whale Constellation will connect Massachusetts with rail in the Pilgrim State and beyond like never before.

It will reduce carbon emissions from car and bus travel, which is good for the planet, and help Massachusettsans be more connected with contacts, family and friends in nearby cities, as well as neighboring states.

The initial phase of 90 miles from Boston to Springfield would cost around $12 billion and could generate $106 billion in economic benefits to the state. Travelers can transfer to the existing Amtrak lines at Boston, Springfield, or Pittsfield for connections to Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and Vermont — unlocking multiple corridors of regional travel possibilities.

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