How do you want to
move forward?
High Speed Rail USA brand is the evergreen silhouette of an American arrow train with half a state star on top of an off-black rail field.

We help craft better travel experiences and opportunities for Americans by creating innovative private and public policy positions. If you are an elected official or just a wisetax-payer, we catalyze opportunities for non-partisan Public-Private Partnerships for high-speed passenger rail development in the United States.

We combine the disciplines of experience design, planning, architecture, graphic design, and social tech to create a branded network that empowers leaders and tax-payers to participate in wise decision-making and negotiations over land-use, carbon-use, and public-private partnerships.

It is time to act on climate and create opportunities for current and future generations of Americans. The fastest way to do this: Enact new legislation to allow financing of public and privately operated renewably powered, electrified passenger train travel in the United States of America.